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West Virginia Alternative Treatment
Drug Treatment Centers Virginia

Rehabilitation centers in West Virginia and across America annually provide millions of addicts with drug treatment plans to help them recover from their substance use disorder. Addictive substances such as prescription medication, marijuana and heroin have different effects on users depending on which substance is consumed. Many treatment programs have been developed over the years to tend to any kind of addiction from methamphetamines to prescription painkillers and more. West Virginia Alternative treatment is available to help individual’s combat addiction by offering multiple avenues for rehabilitation. Considering the complexity of addiction, the typical treatment programs are not always as effective for some patients. Alternative treatment allows those wishing to attain sobriety to find the therapy program that works for them. The treatment programs typically include the use of traditional methods such as behavioral therapy but they have since grown to include alternative approaches such as art therapy, equine therapy and restorative yoga.

What are the Benefits of West Virginia Alternative Treatment in Addiction Recovery?

Alternative methods of treatment are sometimes used in conjunction with traditional therapy methods because not all addicts respond to the same treatment program. Some patients require additional therapy via alternative treatment approaches before they are able to progress in their recovery. Some alternative treatments are done in a group format whereas others are individual and private to ensure the patient is comfortable in their environment. Patients in comfortable environments are more inclined to open up and talk about their problems in order to work through them and let go of unresolved grief. Furthermore, alternative methods of treatment such as restorative yoga, acupuncture and chiropractic care can help addicts with many of the physical drawbacks of recovery such as muscle pains and joint aches. All the benefits of alternative methods of treatment are focused on aiding the patient in overcoming their substance use disorder.

What is considered Alternative Treatment?

Some alternative treatments are more suited to the needs of specific patients whereas others are not required or will not be as beneficial in helping them. It is important for this reason that extensive research be done into which alternative treatment is more beneficial. Below are some of the alternative treatments that are available at treatment centers in West Virginia:

∙         Restorative yoga: Restorative yoga can be very useful at helping patients re-center their body and mind. The therapist has patients perform physical activity including striking poses that they must hold for extended periods of time while using breathing techniques to reduce stress and calm oneself. This therapy approach can be beneficial to improving a patient’s physical as well as mental state so that treatment can progress easier.

∙         Equine therapy: Equine therapy can help addicts to re-develop the bonding skills they require to succeed in life by having them interact with animals. Trusting, caring and compassionate relationships can be formed that the addict can then apply in real-world situations with other people. Equine therapy tends to help patients not to feel isolated and can alleviate some of the stressors that are involved with recovering from substance addiction.

∙         Acupuncture: Acupuncture is typically done in a group format whereby patients undergo a treatment that includes inserting needles just under their skin in specific areas to help them alleviate stress and restore healthy bodily function. This treatment is intended to regulate the flow of “chi” through a patient’s body as it directly affects their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

∙         Art therapy: Art therapy consists of a comfortable and stress-free environment where patients can work through their problems by expressing themselves through art. Fabric, paint and clay are a few of the materials that are widely used by patients in West Virginia alternative therapy programs such as art expression This form of therapy is very useful at helping patients to let go of unresolved grief and work through problems that they may be experiencing during their treatment. It also provides patients with an environment to express themselves where they are free from judgement.

To find a West Virginia alternative treatment program and to learn more about how alternative addiction therapy could assist your or a loved one in overcoming a substance abuse disorder, contact a professional addiction counselor today.